Alumni Association

To strengthen the interaction and involvement of alumni, for the betterment of the Institute, the Alumni Cell has been formed. Its purpose is to accelerate the efforts for the welfare of the University and to impart appropriate guidance so that the University can further rise

Responsibility and functions of the Alumni Cell : The Alumni cell shall act as the single point of contact for consideration of all Alumni related proposals.

The cell shall meet periodically to consider the different issues and the decisions taken shall be implemented subsequent to the approval of its Chairperson.

The cell shell activity promote participation of the Alumni community in the development of the Institute in the form of endowment funds, CSR funds etc

The cell shall monitor that important Alumni matters activities to be made available in one section of the institute's website. The web page shall contain information regarding announcements to reach out to Alumni for different purposes. Institute shall contain an Alumni database which the individual alumnus shall be allowed to update regarding his or her present asignment /achievements.

The cell shall identify key areas where the support of Alumni be pulled in. The cell has to identify potential alumni for accelerating the funding activity. The cell must also focus on raising funds under CSR.

It's Chairperson will be the Director IT, and members would be Directors Library, Establishment, Printing and Distribution, Senior Consultants and Assistant Registrar of the University as Member Secretary. 1