Department of Special Education


Teacher training programmes enable the recipients of training for playing the role of a teacher effectively and efficiently as an agent of change. There are a large number of untrained teachers in the State of Madhya Pradesh. To develop and strengthen the professional competency of the in-service teachers in Madhya Pradesh, Department of Special Education (DSE) was established in M.P. Bhoj (Open) University with B.Ed.(SEDE) Programme in 2002. The principle objectives of DSE are:
• to carry out the academic needs of the rural population of the State, who are not able to afford the urban educational institutions.
• to provide flexible and cost-effective learning without any age bar to the needy rural population of the State.
DSE undertakes academic activities pertaining to three major areas:
• Transfer the learning into practice as a profession.
• Integrate various branches of education into an academic profession.
• Development of multimedia support for education and training programmes.
The DSE Comprises of the following disciplines:
• Teacher Education Programmes.
• Research and Curricular Development in Teacher Education.
The academic programmes being offered by the DSE are:
• Bachelor of Special Education through Open and Distance Mode [B.Ed. SE-DE].
• Foundation Course SE-DE (FCSEDE).