The Printing and Distribution (P &T) Department is one of the pivotal departments of the Distance Education and Open Learning System. When it comes to self-learning, the print form is the most effective and dynamic tool for learners. The printing and Distribution Department is the nodal agency in getting the approved content for various programmes and courses of the University printed and ensure its dissemination. It is responsible for the timely printing and dispatch of the study material to the eleven Regional Centres and further down to the Student Study Centres of the University sprawled across the state.


The Department of Printing and Distribution conducts an assessment of the SLM requirement programme wise and initiates the process of printer identification through an e-tendering process. It also conducts requirement analysis of answers and assignment sheets. Through the prescribed guidelines of the University, the printing process is taken up. The department is also instrumental in the dispatch of the material to respective regional centres. Stock storage and inventory management is also a concurrent process undertaken by the department.

The department also ensures to upload the soft copies of this self-learning material on the University’s Website to help the learners to access it anywhere, anytime. The University has decided to offer an option of e-material to the students from the session 2023-24. Those students who opt for e-material will be given a discount of 15% on the Programme fee. This is also a way to encourage learners towards e-learning and an initiative to save the environment.


The department is a close-knit unit comprising a Director, a Deputy Director, a Store-Keeper, three Computer Operators, and an office support staff who manage the whole work diligently. The Department monitors the timely printing and dispatch of SLMs, Assignment Copies and Answer Sheets for University Examination to the Regional Centers. It supports the smooth functioning of the University.


The Director and the Deputy Director of the Department ensure the Quality of the entire work and all types of printing by keenly overviewing the whole process. Manuscripts of Self Learning Materials are reviewed by a panel of reviewers who are experienced Professors, Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors. The quality of paper is also assured through Paper-Testing by Central Pulp and Paper Research Institution. Plagiarism check through software is done page by page so that the material printed is original. Proper distribution of the SLMs, Assignment Copies, and answer sheets are also administered industriously.