Access: As a resource within the reach of all the stakeholders, who need higher education, we are committed to reach the unreached. All have equal access to opportunities and resources, particularly those who are marginalized or excluded or belonging to other minority groups.   

Inclusion: Reflection of a culture that seeks, greets, and moves forward with talented minds from different socio-economic backgrounds, irrespective of age, sex, race, ethnicity, language, religion, political or other opinions, national or social origin, as well as persons with disabilities, migrants, indigenous, especially those in vulnerable situations or another status. Respect to all individuals equally by building a foundation of mutual trust, acceptance, understanding, and accountability.

Ethics: Commitment to the highest moral standards in personal and professional behavior, and always be transparent and accountable in institutional governance, where such an environment maintained that is consistent, open, and honest, which encourages interactive and respectful dialogue.

Excellence: Commitment to a continuous improvement in academic programs and services through teamwork, empowerment, perseverance, and innovation.