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D.El.Ed., 1st  and Second Year
DELED -01 Childhood, Child Development and Learning Download
DELED- 02 Education in Contemporary Indian Society Download
DELED -03 Understanding Languages and Early Language Development Download
DELED -04 Towards Self-Understanding (Part I & Part II) Download
DELED- 05 Understanding Society, Education and Curriculum ---
DELED -06 Emerging Gender and Inclusive Perspectives in Education - ---
DELED -07 School Culture, Leadership and Teacher Development ---
DELED -08 Early Childhood Care and Education  ---
DELED -09 Pedagogy and ICT Integration across the Curriculum ---
DELED -10 Pedagogy of Hindi Language (for Primary Level) ---
DELED -11 Pedagogy of English Language (for Primary Level)  ---
DELED- 12 Pedagogy of Mathematics (for Primary Level ) 
DELED -13 Pedagogy of Environmental Studies (for Primary Level) 
DELED-14 Pedagogy of Hindi Language(for Upper Primary Level)  ---
DELED-15 Pedagogy of English Language(for Upper Primary Level)  ---
DELED-16 Pedagogy of Urdu Language (for Upper Primary Level)  ---
DELED-17 Pedagogy of Sanskrit Language (for Upper Primary Level) ---
DELED-18 Pedagogy of Social Science Education(for Upper Primary Level)  ---
DELED-19 Pedagogy of Science Education(for Upper Primary Level) ---
DELED-20 Pedagogy of Mathematics Education(for Upper Primary Level) ---
DELED -21 Proficiency in English-I (First Year)  ---
DELED -22 Proficiency in English-II (Second Year)  ---
DELED-23 Creative Drama, Fine Arts and Education -I (First Year)  ---
DELED-24 Creative Drama, Fine Arts and Education -II (Second Year)  ---
DELED-25 Yoga, Physical and Health Education  ---
DELED-26 Work and Education ---