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Production Area 

1.  Audio Visual Production For Academic Programmes of the University:
EMPRC has been producing educational audio and video programmes in different subjects according to the need of the courses.

2. Audio Visual Production For the Projects
EMPRC has produced video programmes for different projects running by the University, some of them are:

           A. RCH

Reproductive and Child Health care project funded by Department Health and family welfare, Govt. of Indian. Project was  aimed at the  skill up-gradation of rural doctors and paramedics of the state of Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh
Center also provided  all the study centers of the project with the Audio and Video play back and recording Equipment.
Center produced Audio and Video programmes for the RCH project.

           B. Indian History Culture and Civilization Project.

This project is funded by distance Education council, New Delhi. We are producing Video and Audio programmes which will be Telecast on Gyan Darshan and GyanVani Educational Broadcast channel. In this project programmes  are being prepared  with special reference to the  history, culture and civilization of Madhya  Pradesh.                                                 
C. Eminent Scholars Lecture Series Project
EMPRC is producing video and audio lecture series of eminent scholars of the country of various fields. So that we could provide opportunity to learner to see and listen the quality lecture of the well known expert in the field.

D.  Head Start Project 
EMPRC had providing Audio and Video inputs for the development of self learning interactive multimedia CD for the school students.                                                                                              

This project was completed by ICT centre.  EMPRC provided audio input for this project.

F. UNESCO PROJECT FOR DEVELOPING IMM CDs FOR FUNCTIONAL LITERATE       This Project was completed by ICT centre.  EMPRC provided audio input for this project . 

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